Product Driven - Vertical Agnostic

We strive to build products that make a unique positive impact in our user's lives in key verticals that we care deeply about.
With our unique blend of experience, passion, talent, and unmatched drive, we aim to identify key areas for improvements to every day problems to deliver world class solutions.

About Us

Driven to Succeed

Our team is dedicated to providing superior products and solutions. How do we as a group of founders work with our team to accomplish this?

  • Modern technology tied to proper use case
  • AI infused solutions where necessary
  • Will use the cloud where it makes sense
  • Products follow modern security standards
  • Utilize 40 years of combined IT experience
  • Balance storage/caching options carefully
  • Break down requirements appropriately
  • Build comprehensive testing around products
  • Ensure a consistent reference architecture
  • Build first class relationship with customers
  • Always Be Learning
  • Keep pushing and improving what we build

We are committed to building products
that move the needle.

Healthy You App

Our Strengths

Web Development

We have years of experience building not only smaller personal websites but have built enterprise level product driven applications as well.

Graphic Design

We value product and brand image and will invest the time and effort to ensure the look and feel of our products are professional and inspired from the product's goals and objectives.

Backend Development

Whether it be database design, API development, or building key communication patterns on the backend, we have the talent to succeed in this area.

Product Focus

We have several years of experience building projects from scratch, which gives us the advantage in visualizing and seeing through our product lifecycle.

Web Hosting

Our team has strong experience building and hosting supporting infrastructure for our products and services. We also have a strong background in cloud architecture to cover both on prem and cloud deployments.

Technology Savvy

We have all areas of the stack covered with experience in .NET C#, SQL, Postgres, Angular, React, React Native, Vue, Azure, AWS, GCP, and much more.

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Our Leadership